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Alpha V0.0.2.0 Upcoming Features

Hello all from now on when we have a major update we will post our planned features on here so you can know what to expect from the updates and keep you all in the loop.

So with v0.0.2.0 comes a whole load of new features, heres a run down of what we have planned.

  • Resupplying missions, this is the ability to stock up your storage modules by ordering resources, we will have a new menu that looks like an invoice/order screen.
  • Career mode unlocked, this will be the basic starting of career mode.
  • Career mode tutorial system, when starting a new career you will go through a linear set of actions to get all the important things you need to know about the game, this will be able to be disabled.
  • Printing modules, these will be able to build mining drones that can be sent out to distant rocks to try and gather data and resources. There is a chance they will fail each time and also time it takes and rewards will be random.
  • Crew, hopefully we will have crew working as we want it to be but this is a lot of work so may be delayed till next major.

So there you go it's a lot to get through so we are sorry for the lack of info lately.

But thank you all for following us.

R-Tecc Games Team 

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone that you all for supporting us during the past few months and we are still hard at work trying to get this game to where we want it to be and the possessive feedback is a great boost to the work we do. 

Christmas can be a hard time for some family's and gaming is an industry that can always help bringing joy to a sad face in hardship, we are glad to be working into such an industry. 

Here is a little Christmas joy for you all: 

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you all!  Rob.  &  Crew of R-tecc Games

Thanks, Merry Christmas to you all! 

Crew of R-tecc Games

Alpha Status & New Units

We are starting to cook with gas now, the systems needed to have modules working are in place so we can add new modules in a matter of about an hour so it’s really cut down development time for us so expect to see a lot more added really soon.

Here is the latest screen of the new storage system and how it may come into play.


Website & Devlog


Hello everyone, today we would like to share the redefined GUI, as stated before the GUI was only a placeholder but now we have the final design that will be incorporated into the game from alpha.

Check it out here:

Alpha Soon...

Hello all backers and followers, Station 21 is getting close to launching into public alpha. 
I will start by stating that this will come with a small portion of career mode where money will be an important part of the game, it will also come with a sandbox mode where you will be able to build a station any way you like without money issues and be able to save them for use when career mode is more advanced. 
This will both help find issues and let people get a taste of what Station 21 is like, plus its just fun to come up with strange designed stations. 

We will be updating soon with a release date, thanks.

Communications Module

Hello again, another short update for everyone out there. 
Communications, so obviously you need a way of transmitting your data back to earth so that the data can be sold in order to get funding for your research this means you need a way of transmitting it. 
Now with this basic communication module you can transmit data up to a max of 10mb/s, not a lot but to start with its enough. 
Now this means you can only receive payment for the research you do as long as your data usage doesn't reach the cap, otherwise you will receive no cash for the science module your trying to use until you upgrade to a more advanced module or simply add another coms device to your station. 
Also note that researching new tech also takes data usage. 

Here is a little image of how it looks. 

Campaign Mode

Hello all, we are working hard to push for the alpha to be released for all our backers so that testing can begin to form and help shape the future of Station 21 earlier. 
This means we are focusing on mostly the UI and main gameplay elements. 

We now have a working menu complete with multi saving and we are beginning to form the starting tutorial for people to learn the basic controls and layout of the game. 

Here is an image of the current idea of how it will look (GUI is placeholder). 

Thanks for reading this update.