Station 21

Build, Earn, Survive, Explore

Official website for the space station building game, Station 21.

Alpha v0.0.3 - Steam Release

- Added laptop controls
- Added sleeping Modules
- Added crew members
- Added crew thoughts
- Fixed overwrite issue
- Fixed scrolling issue
- Re-wrote module collisions
- Fixed sandbox mode saving
- Fixed end game saving
- Fixed autosaving
- Added Steam SDK
- Added Achievements
- Added Mouse curser
- Updated menu screen
- Sped up delivery
- Sped up launch countdown
- Added loans page
- Added three loans
- Changed some graphical elements
- Updated tutorial messages
- Added crew delete when no oxygen
- Updated Backloading
- Added time stamp
- Temperarily removed tutorial pages
- Added power module to vertiacal ports
- Fixed Tutorial glitch
- Fixed power not getting to modules from vertical source
- Added loan repayment system
- Changed saving logic
- Added restart buttons

Alpha v0.0.2.2

- Fixed overwrite issues
- Added tutorial toggle
- Fixed right docking port not resetting
- Upgraded powerbank range
- Resources last longer now
- Errors now save to log file
- Fixed resources arriving on order
- Fixed Multiple income added when more then one coms
- Fixed wrong module delivery

Alpha v0.0.2.0

Big update here guys we hope you enjoy.

  •  Fixed docking node not showing
  •  Fixed reset issue
  •  Fixed research screen problems
  •  Added resupply screen
  •  Added resupply system
  •  Docking port now supports resupplies
  •  Added background music
  •  Added printing module
  •  Added drone spawning
  •  Added text highlighting
  •  Added income systems
  •  Power & communications effect income
  •  Added down compatibility for science module
  •  Added tutorial for career mode
  •  Unlocked career mode
  •  Added money management
  •  Fixed menu issues
  •  Updated all costs
  •  Reduced launch cooldown time by half

Alpha v0.0.1.3

More minor fixes.

  • Fixed Science module resetting save
  • Now starts default in fullscreen
  • Reduced launch window time to 30s instead of 60
  • Fixed being able to expand above communications module
  • Science modules can now be reset by clicking with the middle mouse button
  • Fixed bug where money was running out for no reason
  • Removed debugging system that remained